Executive Search

Retained Executive Search Services range from single executive search assignments to preferred supplier agreements which include multiple positions to fill in various locations. Our Executive Search assignments focus on the following disciplines:

  • Executive Management
  • General Management
  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Information Technology


About Executive Search

Evaluating executives in terms of their suitability for a specific corporate environment and position requires extensive business experience and a profound understanding of the client, his needs and the particularities of his industry.

Access to the market and the right networks, the capacity to convince, the ability to express a judgement without hurting the feelings of the candidate, the use of empathy and emotional intelligence… Those are the qualities that make a successful Executive Search professional.

It cannot be doubted that we are experiencing a profound redefinition of what used to be the traditional business concepts. New skills, diversification, globalisation, electronic commerce and new technologies, flexibility and speed to market are some of the key elements that are affecting company structures; but this change of paradigm, this revolution can only be successful with the right people at the helm. This is why Executive Search companies will continue to play a major role in the war for talent.


The Executive Search Process

An assignment consists of several process steps which are summarized in the following diagram:

The executive search process

and of which certain phases are explained in more detail below:

  • The preliminary phase (front-end analytics) to understand the industry and market environment as well as the client’s culture, history, structure and strategy
  • The definition of the ideal profile (1) in which client and consultant work together to define the nature of the work and the qualities of the successful candidate
  • The research phase (2-3) in which a first selection is made of those potential candidates matching the profile, the long list is established and interviews are planned
  • The evaluation phase (4-5) in which semi-structured interviews are conducted with selected candidates with the aim to verify the pertinence of their experience and technical expertise, as well as the suitability of their personality, aptitude, attitude and motivation
  • The presentation phase (6-10) in which a profile is established for each candidate and presented to the client who then decides which candidates he would like to meet. After the interview, remaining doubts can be alleviated through references or tests and assessments
  • After the hire of the successful candidate, the recruiter stays available for clients and candidates and is ready to intervene and mediate if problems arise.